Meeting August 23, 2018

Meeting August 23, 2018

We had a slightly new format while keeping the comfort of our existing culture to enhance our networking, participation, and unity.  Highlights include:

  • We emailed out ahead of our meeting the “main question” that went along with each member’s 30-45 second commercial about themselves.

o   What’s your name and your business name?

o   What you do for a living?

o   Answer the “Main Question” of the week

  • When standing up to give their commercial, we asked everyone to share the following about recent referrals within the group immediately after the commercial……

o   Who have you received a referral from in the group?

o   Who have you given a referral to in the group?

o   No recent referrals to discuss at this time

o   Looking for this type of person to share a referral___________________

It was amazing to see how much business has been transacted because of this group, keep it up.